About Us

Jerry VanDyke began his career in the RV industry in 1976. Since that time Jerry has covered nearly all of the lower 48 states working for a number of parts and accessories manufacturers.  He started VanDyke Enterprises in 1993, representing one manufacturer in California. As of today, Jerry has grown his team to 4 reps for 8 states total, working for some of the best manufacturers in the industry.  VanDyke Enterprises now covers the following eight western states: California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. 
Jerry VanDyke: President. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Phone: (626)893-0350 Email: jerry@vandykeenterprises.com
David Copeland: Vice President of Sales. Aftermarket and OEM. Covers CA and Reno, NV. Phone: (951)331-0901 Email: david@vandykeenterprises.com
Charlie Rodriguez: Territory Manager. Aftermarket. Covers AZ, Las Vegas NV, UT and NM. Phone: (520) 360-7057  Email: charlie@vandykeenterprises.com
Chad Thornsley: Territory Manager. Aftermarket and OEM. Covers WA, OR and ID. Phone: (928) 699-9330 Email: chad@vandykeenterprises.com  
No one sells what they are not comfortable talking about. It is our job our dealers, distributors and OEM partners understand our manufacturer’s products and values!


Sales Calls: Our aftermarket reps are seeing 15-30 dealers each every week. That is a minimum of 45 dealers per week across the west coast! This is standard and may vary depending on training and shows.
Training: we can train any type of business at ALL department levels. Our salesman training will differ from our parts and service training. Some of our suppliers offer RVIA certified training for techs as well. 
♦ Show Support: we are there to represent our suppliers support to dealer and distributor shows. We are there to sell and spread knowledge of the product and the supplier.
♦ Store Sets: We can offer planning and assistance from small sections and end caps to entire stores. We will optimize the merchandising to ensure you see the turns you desire. 
♦ Sales Promotions: We will help develop, train and promote sales promotions for your team. We understand current market trends, as we are well exposed to what works, and what does not… 
♦ Sales Forecasting: Plan your production schedule to ensure you meet the need of the manufacturers. Easiest way to lose your contract is to run them out of product.  
♦ Inventory Control:  We conduct weekly counts at OEMs to ensure our products are in stock and orders line up with current production rates. There is a fine line to keeping them in stock with no shortages and over stocking them. Due to high volume and space restrictions over stocking the manufacturer can inhibit a smooth daily throughput. 
All of our services are FREE of charge to our dealers, distributors and OEM partners!!
For all inquiries regarding future business please contact Jerry VanDyke: jerry@vandykeenterprises.com
VanDyke Enterprises represents the following lines:
Go Power!: Solar, Battery and Power Solutions
Geocel – Kool Seal: Sealants and Coating Products
Minder Research- TireMinder: TPMS Solutions and Products
Roadmaster: Towing and Suspension Solutions 
Torklift: Camper Tie Downs, Security and Entry Steps
Valterra: Sewer, Plumbing, Cleaning and so much more!
Southwire: Surge Guard: Complete Electrical Protection. 
Yamaha Generators: Portable Power and Pressure Washers!